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Asparagus Plumosus - Lace Fern

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🪴 Skill Level: Almost unkillable - perfect for beginners

🌤 Location: Prefers bright indirect light

📏 Grows up to: 200cm

Some other details

Nursery Pot Size: 12 cm

Air Purifier? Mild impact on air quality

Minimum plant height: 20-30cm

Grows up to: 200cm

Stems per pot: 5+

Child / Pet Safe: Mildly toxic if eaten


Top Tip: Once in a while, pop it outside when it's raining so the leaves get cleaned off

Further information on your plant

All plants are measured from the bottom of the nursery pot to the tip of the plant and if a height is specified, this is an approximate height, not set in stone. As all plants are living things, they will vary in size throughout the year, and we do our best to give a guide as to the size you can expect. If in doubt drop us an email And lastly, minor flaws in the leaves might be present and will not be covered for compensation. It's worth noting that plants naturally age like people and are rarely perfect.

Asparagus plumosus, commonly known as the Lace Fern or Plumosa Fern, is a lovely houseplant that can bring a touch of nature and beauty to your home. While its name may suggest that it's a fern, it actually belongs to the Asparagus family.

One of the most striking features of Asparagus plumosus is its delicate, feathery foliage which are really soft to touch. The plant boasts long, thin stems adorned with clusters of tiny, needle-like leaves. These bright green leaves have a soft and fluffy texture, giving the plant a graceful and airy appearance. It's truly a sight to behold!

If you're new to houseplants, fear not! Asparagus plumosus is generally quite easy to care for. It prefers to be placed in an area with bright, indirect light, making it perfect for spots near windows or corners with filtered sunlight. Just be sure to keep it away from direct sunlight, as the intense rays can damage its delicate leaves.

When it comes to watering, it's important to strike a balance. You'll want to water your Asparagus plumosus thoroughly once the top inch of the soil feels dry to the touch. Or better still, use a moisture meter to check first. Remember, it's always better to underwater than overwater this plant.

To keep your Asparagus plumosus happy and healthy, consider providing moderate humidity levels. Misting the plant occasionally or placing a tray with water near it can help create a more humid environment. If the air in your home tends to be dry, these extra steps can make a difference.

Feeding your Asparagus plumosus with a balanced houseplant fertiliser during the growing season (spring to fall) is also beneficial. This will provide the necessary nutrients for the plant to thrive and maintain its vibrant green foliage.

You might be interested to know that propagating Asparagus plumosus is quite straightforward. You can either divide the plant or take stem cuttings. If you choose stem cuttings, simply place them in water or a well-draining potting mix until they develop roots.

In summary this is an easy to care for plant that requires little care and attention. It looks particularly decorative and for that reason, it looks great in a kitchen or dining room where you can appreciate its beauty.

Asparagus Plumosus - Lace Fern Oz
Asparagus Plumosus - Lace Fern Oz
Asparagus Plumosus - Lace Fern Oz
Asparagus Plumosus - Lace Fern Oz
Asparagus Plumosus - Lace Fern Oz
Asparagus Plumosus - Lace Fern Oz

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