Indoor Trees: Bringing Nature Inside

Indoor Trees: Bringing Nature Inside

Indoor trees bring beautiful nature to homes and offices. They provide decor, improve air quality, and can benefit your mood, epecially with the indoor lives we often live in the UK. It is important to choose and care for indoor trees properly so they thrive inside.

Choosing Tree Varieties

Select trees that grow well indoors in pots like ficus, croton, citrus trees, areca palm, and dracaena. Make sure to pick small trees or dwarf varieties. Make sure the mature tree height fits your room space so it does not outgrow the area. Consider foliage colors and textures to match your style.

Getting Proper Lighting

Most indoor trees need bright, indirect light to thrive but not full sun which scorches leaves. Near bright windows are best. Turn plants weekly so all sides get light. Use grow lights if low natural light but also standard house lighting will do the job - just not as well as growlights.

Using the Right Planters

Use planters with drainage holes (very important) and trays to prevent root rot from wet soil. Always water your plants from the bottom up (use a saucer) and pick wide pots giving roots room to spread. Add bark chips, and moss on top of the soil to prevent moisture loss. Match pots to furniture styles or colours in the room.

Watering Thoughtfully

Check the top few inches of soil by sticking your finger into the pot to see if it feels dry. If the soil feels dry or your finger comes out with no soil stuck to it, it is time to water the plant.Alternatively use one of our moisture meters which are superb - they don't use any batteries and provide very accurate results so no guess work. Find our mositure meters here.

Water the indoor tree from the bottom up and leave the plant sitting in the nutrient rich water over night for best results. It's always better to water less often but more thoroughly.

Feeding Occasionally

Every 1-2 weeks is best throughout the year. Even in the height of winter, we still feed our plants as they are still growing (granted slowly in the winter). Water plants using an enriched mixture to give them essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium that they need to actively grow strong and stay healthy while living indoors. Pick an all-purpose fertiliser made specially for common indoor trees and plants. Proper fertilising keeps plants thriving and experiment with concentrations of fertilisers to see what happens. We find adding A LOT more than the recommeded dose works very well for nearly all plants.

Pruning When Required

Using clean, sharp pruners specially made for plants, trim off new shoots and stems to control and direct future growth patterns. Carefully prune and shape branches reaching too far or growing too tall for available space so the trees do not outgrow rooms. Precision cuts in the right spots keep growth contained. Make cuts correctly above outward-facing nodes angled to encourage proper tree form. Pruning maintains the desired plant size and shape as well as overall health by removing weak or damaged twigs as needed.

Caring Properly

Place in a bright, temperate area away from drafts. Check for pests and treat if found. Keep leaves dusted. Turn the pan occasionally. Give attentive, consistent care so trees actively grow showing natural beauty inside. With thoughtful selection and care, indoor trees flourish providing living decoration and improving mental outlooks through connections with nature close by every day.