Elevate Your Greenery: The Beauty of Hanging Planters and Monstera Deliciosa

Elevate Your Greenery: The Beauty of Hanging Planters and Monstera Deliciosa

Interior design has long praised how nature and buildings work together to improve each other. The Monstera Deliciosa is one of the many beautiful plants in our homes. It shows how appealing the tropics are. This plant has beautiful heart-shaped leaves with funny splits and holes that make you feel like you're in a faraway place.

Still, why stop at just putting a Monstera in a pot? That's where hanging plants come in—valuable and stylish. You can show off your plants creatively and space-savingly by hanging them, and the Monstera Deliciosa looks absolutely stunning in these arrangements.

This blog will discuss the benefits, care tips, and styling ideas for hanging pots with Monstera Deliciosa plants. These will help you turn your space into a lush, tropical oasis of elegance. Whether you've always loved plants or are just starting, get ready to take your home plants to a new level.

The Monstera Deliciosa: A Tropical Marvel

We will introduce the Monstera Deliciosa, the Monstera or Swiss cheese Plant. The leaves of this plant stick out to everyone, either plant lovers or interior designers. These leaves are huge, shiny, heart-shaped ones. Cacao is a tree that grows in the hot climate of southern Mexico and Central America. It loves being in warm, high-humidity environments, making it the most suitable crop for indoor growing. The uniqueness of its leaves marks the Monstera Deliciosa as among the most exciting plants. The leaves are Swiss-cheese-like in appearance, with long holes and splits on them, the most evident explanation for their uniqueness. Despite the dense forest, the most distinctive feature of it is that its leaves allow light to pass through. This improves the plant's appearance and helps it carry out photosynthesis.

Why Hanging Planters?

There are two main ways to grow a Monstera Deliciosa plant. One is to plant it in the ground, and the other is to place it on a table. That’s one way to create space on your floor. It will trail off and be beautiful. Pots in hanging ones also choose multiple designs, shapes and materials to suit the decorating taste. At the same time, there is a planter style for everyone, from modern railway sleepers to classic bone china and macramé hangers with a bohemian flavour.

Benefits of Hanging Planters for Monstera Deliciosa

Optimal Light Exposure

Monstera Deliciosa plants do best in bright light that comes from the side. You can hang pots near windows or in well-lit areas to ensure your Monstera gets the light it needs to thrive.

Improved Air Circulation

Hanging pots allow air to circulate around the plant from all sides. This reduces the risk of fungal diseases and promotes better plant growth overall.

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

It's hard to deny that a lush Monstera pot hanging from the ceiling is beautiful. It immediately adds drama and elegance to any room.

Space Saving

Floor rooms are precious, especially in apartments or homes that are small. Hanging planters plants are a good solution because they use vertical space, so you can enjoy the beauty of plants without giving up valuable floor rooms.

How to Grow Monstera Deliciosa in Planters That Hang From the Ceiling

Choose the Right Planter

When you buy a hanging planter plants to ensure it has drainage holes so the roots don't get too wet and rot. To avoid accidents, you should also consider how heavy the planter is and how strong the hanging system is. A robust, well-supported hanging system is needed for bigger planters to keep them from falling and breaking. Putting these things in order of importance will protect your plant's health and your home.

Use Well-Draining Soil

Monstera Deliciosa also needs soil ground suitable for the water holding and draining potential. The appropriate medium/substrate consists of potting soil, perlite and orchid bark. The nutrients in potting soil are vital, while the perlite enables the soil to drain, thus avoiding soggy soil. Unlike wood, which can block oxygen, orchid bark allows air to get inside. This helps maintain the proper moisture level for root growth.

Water Regularly, but Allow Soil to Dry Out

For its health, it is essential to water your Monstera Deliciosa the right way. Feel the top inch of earth to see how wet it is; if it feels dry, it's time to water. Root rot can happen when you water too much. Let the extra water drain out of the pot so it doesn't get too wet. Remember that your Monstera should be underwater rather than overwater, so be safe than sorry.

Provide Adequate Light

Picking the right spot is very important if you want your Monstera Deliciosa in a hanging planter to grow at its best. Bright, indirect light is best for this tropical plant because it grows best where it is, in the shade of a tree. Direct sunlight can be too strong and burn the leaves, leaving behind ugly brown spots. Put your hanging planter near a window so that it gets soft, filtered sunshine all day.

Rotate Your Plant

Maintaining your Monstera Deliciosa plants rotated regularly is significant to balance their growth and avoid twisted growth. Flipping the plant every few days ensures that all of its sides get the light, which helps this plant grow evenly. Consistent with this practice, it also helps the plant grow evenly, keeping it from pulling toward the light source and making it look better. For best effects, turn your Monstera over every one to two weeks.

Prune as Needed

As your Monstera ages, it's essential to keep it healthy by cutting off any yellowing or broken leaves. Cutting back these leaves encourages new growth and keeps the plant healthy. Removing sick or dying leaves helps the plant focus on growing healthy new ones. Regular trimming also helps the Monstera keep its shape, keeping it lush and colourful.

Styling Ideas with Hanging Monstera Deliciosa

Bohemian Oasis 

For a boho-chic look, hang your Monstera from a macramé box. To create a peaceful haven, hang it near a cosy reading nook or a window with a lot of sun.

Modern Elegance

Modern decor will look great with sleek, simple hanging pots finished in metal. Hang several Monstera plants at different heights to make a dynamic visual effect.

Tropical Paradise

Hang several Monstera plants in woven baskets or natural fibre pots to make your room look like a jungle. Add more exotic plants, like palms and ferns, to finish off the feeling of a lush oasis.


Hanging pots are a stylish and flexible way to show off the beauty of Monstera Deliciosa plants in any room. Leaf Culture can help you get plants to hang inside your home. So why not hang pots from the ceiling to make your plants look better and let your Monstera grow to new heights?