About Us

It's really important when buying from any business, you know who they are and what they stand for.

So this is our chance ;)

I'm Richard, the owner of Leaf Culture. My love for all things green is historical and started when I was 20 years old at University. It was fair to say, I was plant obscessed. I had 40+ house plants all lined up next to each other that I meticulously sprayed every day. I bought them from a local garden centre and found it difficult to stop. The big (and small) green leaves just did something for me. It was at that time I also became interested in aquascaping (growing plants underwater), and still am today. But the tropical leaves of house plants never left me...

In the last few years it's fair to say there's been a lot of interest in plants - rightly so. Combined with this, growers are producing more beautfiul plants and able to transport them more easily. I've always been intersted in business and over the last two decades have run a few and am now ready to challenge myself again with something new - but it had to be something I still love. Untangible businesses don't do anything for me. I need to touch, feel and admire the product to stay interested (I've learnt the hard way). So I believe I once again, can combine my love for plants (house plants this time) and a business that I have named Leaf Culture.

Why the name?

It's important to put everything one learns in life into practice and Leaf Culture is a business created for simplicity. A business that wants to build a greener community where people are in touch with nature - this is where the 'Culture' part of the name comes from - I want it to be just that. It needs to be more than a shop. The 'Leaf' part of the name is linked directly with plants so combining the two was a nice blend. It had to be understandable, easy to pronounce and spell.

With people understanding that plants aren't just plants and need to become 'part of the furniture' it was the right time to launch. There's a change in plant perception brought on by so much that has happend during the pandemic. I want to make shopping simple with a smooth experience and a stunning website design. Inspiring plants that fit into your home are top of the list and when you shop with Leaf Culture and my goal is for you to receive the finest, healthiest and greenest plants without worry and all backed up with care when you need it.

Not only that but buying plants might be easy (click of a few buttons), placing them in the right location can be tricky and that's part of the service we offer. And when I say right - I don't mean by a window or something, I mean why it looks good next to a sofa or on the kitchen island and what colours will help it blend. Becoming part of the furniture is not easy but that's OK. We can work together on this.

I'm glad you've found us :)