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Ideas for Displaying Indoor Ferns in Hanging Planters: Fern-tastic!

Ferns have long been prized for their rich, emerald fronds and graceful, feathery charm as enchanting complements to indoor gardens. These verdant miracles can transform any place, even the most banal, into a lush, tropical haven. Among the numerous ways to display these floral treasures, suspending them within inventive hanging planters has a unique allure. In the next article, we will go on a journey to discover various creative and visually appealing ways to display indoor fern plants. Each suggestion promises to improve your interior design and enrich your living spaces with the timeless elegance that nature's green wonders offer.

Magical Macramé

Macramé hangers are a popular and timeless method to display your indoor ferns. Macramé is a kind of art in which string is knotted in various ways to produce beautiful, complicated designs. Macramé hangers are available in various styles, from simple and minimalist to intricate and bohemian. You can select one that suits the design of your home and your unique taste.

Consider using colorful or metallic cords to give a flash of color or a touch of glam to your fern arrangement for a modern twist. Hanging ferns in macramé hangers near windows or in comfortable areas of your home can create a visually appealing focal point.

Plant Stands With Tiers

Tiered plant stands are a clever and effective way to display many indoor ferns plants simultaneously. These stands are available in various materials such as wood, metal, and glass, allowing you to choose a style that blends in with your existing decor. You may create a stunning cascade effect in your indoor garden by placing your ferns at varied heights on these multi-tiered platforms. This design not only maximizes space but also adds a visually appealing aspect to your home's decor.

Fern Gardens On The Water

Consider entering a room where your ferns appear to float in mid-air. Suspend your ferns in clear glass or acrylic pots to create this whimsical and intriguing appearance. Fill the pots with moss or beautiful stones to give a sense of weightlessness. Hang these one-of-a-kind displays near windows or in well-lit places to take advantage of natural light.

Ferns In A Terrarium

Terrariums are glass containers that house tiny ecosystems. Ferns thrive in humid situations. Thus, these enclosed environments are ideal for them. Choose a glass terrarium with a large enough hole to fit your ferns. To avoid mold and odors, add a layer of small stones for drainage, followed by activated charcoal. Then, bring your indoor ferns plants and cover them with luscious moss or other modest ornamental items. Terrariums are an appealing way to display ferns while requiring little upkeep.

Birdcages From The Past

Repurposing old birdcages as fern hanging planters indoors is a beautiful and nostalgic option. The beautiful metalwork on these cages gives your indoor garden a whimsical and elegant touch. Simply hang the birdcage with a strong hook and insert your fern. This vintage-inspired arrangement will take you to another era while highlighting the timeless beauty of your ferns.

Baskets Of Ferns To Hang

Traditional hanging baskets are a popular alternative for displaying ferns and come in various materials such as wicker, wire, and plastic. Select a planter that matches your decor and allows for optimum drainage. Consider painting the basket bright or covering it in colorful fabric to give it a modern spin. Hang your fern baskets at various heights to create an eye-catching and dynamic display.

Fern Gardens In Mason Jars

Repurpose mason jars as hanging planters indoors for a rustic and DIY-inspired decor for your ferns. Drill a drainage hole in the jar lid, fill it with potting soil, & plant your fern inside. Hang the jar from a hook by attaching a wire or string handle to the neck. These lovely mason jar gardens bring a rustic touch to your indoor area.

Chandeliers With Ferns

Consider making a fern chandelier for a truly one-of-a-kind and beautiful show. Choose a chandelier frame with open places for miniature pots or containers to hold your ferns. Arrange the pots around the chandelier circularly, allowing the indoor ferns plants to fall downward. This magnificent centerpiece will illuminate and create an amazing ambiance in your room.

Fern Wall Decor

Make your indoor ferns more appealing by making them into living wall art. Vertical planters in various forms and sizes serve as the canvas for this botanical artwork. Arrange your ferns in the planter carefully, and watch their graceful development as they weave a mesmerizing and ever-changing work of art directly on your wall. This living exhibit adds natural beauty to your room and brings the soothing appeal of the outdoors inside, providing a dynamic and aesthetically captivating focal point.

Ladders Of Fern

Turning an old wooden ladder into a sleek and space-conscious fern exhibit is a wonderful idea. This unique solution brings life to your indoor decor, whether leaning against a wall or suspending it horizontally from the ceiling. Indoor ferns plants on the ladder's rungs allow them to gracefully fall downhill, creating a visual beauty that combines rustic appeal with imaginative innovation. The end result? A touch of farmhouse elegance enhances any area's mood by fusing nature's beauty with the attraction of artistic design.


Ferns are adaptable and hardy plants that thrive in various hanging planters, bringing natural beauty to your interior settings. There's a unique method to display your indoor ferns that suits your taste and location, whether you prefer the bohemian charm of macramé hangers, the refinement of tiered plant stands, or the notion of old birdcages.

Experiment with different hanging methods and container options to create a fern-tastic display that enriches your interior décor and invites nature's peaceful and vivid presence into your house. If you are looking for indoor fern plants or hanging planters indoors, you can reach out to Leaf Culture. You get the best planter and plants to decorate your space. So, embrace your green thumb and let your creativity go wild as you display these exquisite and timeless plants in unique hanging planters. Your indoor ferns will appreciate the luscious, green splendor. Need any help getting the plants? Get in touch with us right away!