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Unveiling The Magic of Indoor Plant Pots and Hanging Plant Pots Indoor

Indoor gardening has grown increasingly popular over time and with good reason. Not only can indoor plant pots add a touch of nature to any space in which they're placed, but they're also known to bring numerous health benefits - both physical and emotional! To help get you started, we have put together this list of creative indoor garden ideas. These ideas include using trailing plants, macrame holders, rattan/cane plant hangers, geometric plant hangers, belt-look-alike plant hangers, creating a focal point, separating your space in style, and utilising unoccupied corners.

As an indoor gardener or beginner, this blog will offer all of the knowledge and inspiration you need to create a stunning and functional indoor garden.

Come with us as we discover the secrets to creating a thriving indoor oasis, and let's discover together the green paradise that lies before us!

The Potting Paradox

In the realm of indoor gardening, the humble plant pot is not just a vessel; it's a statement. Think of it as a carefully chosen frame for a masterpiece. The right pot can elevate your green companions from mere houseplants to botanical works of art. But how do you navigate the vast sea of options to find the perfect match?

Start by measuring the size and style of your indoor space. Larger pots make a bold statement, commanding attention and becoming a focal point. On the other hand, smaller pots are perfect for tight corners or creating an ensemble of greenery. Opt for materials that complement your decor—ceramic pots for a touch of sophistication or rustic terracotta for a more earthy feel.

When choosing indoor plant pots, consider how you like to water your plants. Here are some options based on your watering technique:

  • Self-watering pots: These pots have a built-in reservoir that allows the plant to draw water as needed. Allows for direct planting into a pot and utilisation of all available space in your container for plant growth.
  • Plastic nursery liner inside a pot without drainage holes: This option allows you to have a non-draining decorative pot with a plastic nursery pot liner inside that you can either water in place or pop out, water the plant in the sink, and put back in.

The Hanging Marvels

Now, let's turn our attention to the enchanting world of hanging plant pots indoors. Hanging planters offer an effective way of adding some greenery and saving floor space in any indoor space. Here are some creative and fresh ideas to hang your plants indoors:

Trailing plants: Any trailing plant is perfect for a hanging pot as they prefer space to grow freely. 

Some great hanging plants include English ivy, heartleaf philodendron, spider plant, devil's ivy, and Boston fern.

  1. Macrame holder: Consider macrame, tying yarn, cotton twine, or hemp into decorative knots to create a beautiful and functional hanging planter.

  2. Rattan/cane plant hanger: A rattan or cane plant hanger is a simple and stylish way to hang your plants indoors.

  3. Geometric plant hanger: If you want to get away from the boho aesthetic, take a look at this stained glass propagation station. This is like calling them jewellery for your wall.

  4. Belt-look-alike plant hanger: This plant hanger from Leaf Culture is a serious statement piece for any room. If you’d like something a little less dramatic, no worries. This hanger is available in different sizes.

  5. Create a focal point: A hanging planter with a unique design or pop of colour can add an extra touch of interest to your space.

  6. Separate your space in style: Hanging planters are a practical way to divide a room without the need for a wall. They can create a natural barrier between different areas while still allowing light and air to flow freely. Trailing plants that cascade from the planter, creating a soft, flowing effect, work well in these scenarios—like hoyas, pothos, and ivy.

  7. Utilise unoccupied corners: Hanging planters can be used in unoccupied corners to add a touch of greenery to your space.

Tips on Choosing The Right Indoor Plant Pots 

Selecting appropriate indoor plant pots based on your watering technique is vital for the health and growth of your plants. Here are some useful hints that will assist in selecting suitable pots:

  • Self-watering pots: For added convenience, select a self-watering pot that has an internal reservoir that enables plants to draw moisture as necessary from their environment. This allows you to plant directly in the pot and maximise all the space in your container for plant growth
  • Drainage is Key: Always choose a pot with drainage holes, which also ensures potting soil doesn't stay too wet after watering your houseplants.
  • Porous Material: Choose a pot made of porous material like terracotta or wood, which will dry more evenly than plastic pots.
  • Size Matters: When selecting a pot for your plant, select one that is 1-2" larger in diameter than its current home if the current pot size is 10" or smaller. If your existing pot is greater than 10", go with something 2-3" larger in diameter.
  • Consider the Aesthetic: Consider the size and style of your indoor space and opt for materials that complement your decor—ceramic pots for a touch of sophistication or rustic terracotta for a more earthy feel.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, indoor plant pots and hanging planters are essential elements of indoor gardening. When selecting indoor plant pots, carefully consider their size and style in relation to your indoor space and how you plan to water the plants. Hanging planters offer an effective solution for adding greenery without taking up floor space - simply consider different styles until you find one that perfectly complements both your style and space. With these tips in place, you can create an elegant indoor garden that thrives for years.

If you need extra inspiration, visit our website, which offers an array of indoor plant pots and hanging planters to match any style or space. With our high-quality products and expert advice, you can create a stunning yet practical indoor garden that will last years to come!