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Light limitations for north facing house plants

Are you limited to growing certain plants?

The short answer is yes. Some plants want brighter light than others as previously mentioned in the last email - and there's no escaping that either...
Based in the UK, we live in the northern hemisphere and don't get as much natural daylight as other parts of the world and some of you may even have plants (or want plants) that need to grow north facing.
But that's OK because there are also lots of plants that enjoy lower light and in fact, the ones that fall in that category are often the easiest and least demanding too which is a combination I'm particularly fond of. Life's pretty fast-paced at the best of times and plants can be neglected.
Some of the best plants for low light conditions are called ZZ Plant, Parlour Pal, Peace Lily, Cast Iron Plant and Hoya Bella to name just a few.
These undemanding plants require less water, less light and less attention so if you're new to the hobby, they might just tickle your tastebuds 😃.

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