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Let there be light

Short on natural light?

You're not alone that's for sure but don't let that limit the types of plants that you want to grow . In recent years there's been a HUGE amount of grow lights that have entered the market which is affordable and economical to run.
In fact, you can even pick up cheap lamps from Ikea that will grow plants - they won't specifically be for that purpose but I can guarantee you, they will work.
Grow lamps in particular have a colour rendition that encourages faster photosynthesis (red and blue combo is the most effective for this) but I know from very good experience, speciality lighting is not always needed.
Commercially, whilst plants are grown in greenhouses, the lighting is always supplemented with electrical lighting often pink or even very bright LEDs to bring out the colours of a particular plant.
So why not give it a go today. Have a look online and see what grow lamps are available and I recommend you start by looking for a company that has a name from South America 😜 - their range is rather extensive.
Oh and one last thing - if you have any house plants thay are leaning towards light, they're dealing with phototropism. They're physically leaning to get more light so either move these plants closer to the window or invest in one of those grow lights.