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Do you really need to be reminded?

There's an app for that...

Tech is around us everywhere and I love it. In fact, it's very much a part of my life and my phone is loaded with Apps that I occasionally use.
There's also a rising popularity in Apps to remind you when to water your plants. Cool heh...?
Or is it?
You see one of the many things I love about houseplants is the very fact that they have nothing to do with tech. In reality, they're quite the opposite. Detaching oursleves from tech is essential for downtime - to give our bodies and brain and chance to go off grid, even if it's just for a few minutes and that's what watering time should be. An chance to connect with your plants.
Apps are great for sure, but plants need watering at all sorts of different times. There's no plant I have that I water every week or every 2 weeks because the environment changes. Is the heating on more, has the log burner been on more than usual? Has the sun come out and warmed the house up more (or less). Not only that but different pots will effect the water schedules and the compost that the plant is actually growing in.
So what's the answer?
Visual and physical.
Visual is: are the leaves drooping at all or hanging slightly more than they normally do.
Physical is: picking up the pot up, does it fee light? Touch the leaves, are they feeling dehydrated? If so, time to water 💧
So detach yourself from the grid, reduce life complications  and let your plants communicate with you - because plants are always doing that and you just need to be watching. 👀

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