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10 Low Light Houseplants for Any Room

Low light conditions can make growing vibrant houseplants seem challenging. However, many available varieties actually relish shadier indoor spaces and sparse sunlight. Certain hardy, versatile plants adapt readily to minimal light yet provide attractive floral accents. You can readily cultivate appealing greenery in darker corners by selecting suitable low-light specimens.

Here are 10 houseplant options that thrive with indirect sun.

Snake Plant

Snake plants, also called mother-in-law's tongue, feature long pointed leaves with striking banding patterns. These bold architectural plants tolerate very low light levels while also being tough to kill. Let them dry between waterings. Their vertical lines suit modern decor.

Cast Iron Plant

Cast iron plants have broad dark green leaves and adapt well to low light. Allow soil to dry before watering these very hardy plants. Cast iron plant's classic look complements traditional interiors. Mass several together for drama.

Chinese Evergreen

This easy-care option has speckled leaves that range from dark to light green. It handles low light, though prospering more with moderate indirect sun. Water when the top few inches of soil become dry. The colorful foliage provides cheery ambiance.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies produce vivid white blooms that illuminate shady corners. Their large leaves add texture and their ability to help purify air makes peace lilies both functional and decorative. Allow soil to slightly dry then soak thoroughly.


Pothos is a vining plant perfect for hanging baskets or trailing surfaces. The green heart-shaped leaves gain yellow marbling when exposed to more light. Pothos tells you when it needs watering by drooping leaves that revive post-watering.

ZZ Plant

ZZ plants have waxy leaflets stemming from thick rhizomes. They steadily grow in very low light to substantial sizes. ZZs also handle occasional neglect. Just avoid overwatering. Their quirky form makes ZZs intriguing statement pieces.


Philodendrons come in vining and non-vining varieties perfect for shelves and wall mounts. Most feature glossy, lobed leaves and some develop fenestrations with age. They're unfussy when thirsty. Philodendrons inject lively texture and cascading possibilities.


Delicate-looking yet robust ferns thrive without direct sunlight. Symmetrical fronds uncurl as new leaves develop, creating an elegant indoor jungle vibe. Let soil moderately dry between waterings and mist periodically. Flourishing ferns lend graceful vibes.

Cypress Plants

These mini tree-like plants tolerate very low light while lending height and structure. Their conical shapes and delicate needles make them ideal decorative accents. Allow soil to become quite dry between waterings. Cypress plants work in almost any design scheme.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo isn't true bamboo but a resilient dracaena. Its tall woody stems need only occasional indirect sunlight. Situate stems in pebbles and minimal water. Lucky bamboo brings a bold vertical element indoors.


With the right plant selections, a lack of bright natural light doesn't preclude a flourishing indoor garden. These ten adaptable varieties bloom happily in low light to add graceful foliage, artful textures, and lively colors. Explore snake plants, pothos, Chinese evergreens and other plants that relish darker conditions. Don’t limit yourself – extend beautiful greenery into any area and unlock the decor potential through strategic low-light plant choices.